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About us

Somewhere at the end of 2013 I, Kamiel Koudijs, wake up with the idea of ​​”how cool would it be if I could change daily the color of your frame”. With my background in communicating the idea soon had a name and a visual identity. This to me unknown branch had to become an ‘us’ idea is instead of ‘me’. Mark Osinga – launched in 1990 Look Occhiali in the Netherlands – to whom I pitched the idea was immediately enthusiastic. A short time later we were at Look Occhiali in Italy together with Enrico Tormen give our project further shape.

By using magnetic covers our idea was extremely user friendly. From the start, the concept was based on a two-stage rocket. You buy the LookAdd-frame in the store with cover and one you order over the internet for free. We have chosen 11 lightweight frames in 2 colors, black and titanium. For both men and women eyewear becomes a real accessory again, you can change them in colors you like. We follow the latest fashion, but also like to get inspired by you in patterns and colors that you love. So challenge us on social media and maybe soon your pattern with your name comes in the new collection.

We have made every effort to keep our collection as affordable as possible. If you order two covers you pay no shipping and ordering more than 2 covers you get 10% discount. We build the website as experienced webshoppers, but we also love to learn from you and are always open for additional tips.

“Do what you love” is the motto of Look Occhiali and the concept LookAdd is a rebellious elaboration of it. We hope you enjoy our designs as much as we do developing it.